Hello there! I am Marco Schwartz, and I am the founder of PureApps. I’ve been working on my online business since 2012, and I’ve always used tools to help me out, for example for email marketing or social media. However, as a young entrepreneur, the prices of some of those tools was simply way too high for me.

This is why over the years, me & my team started to build our own applications for the business. We started with an email marketing software, that now costs us less than $10 per month to run, even with huge lists. In 2016, I decided to share all the software that we developed internally, and release them as open-source projects so everyone can use them as well. PureApps was born.

I really hope that you will appreciate all those apps, and I am also counting on you to send us a lot of feedback, in order to make them even better in the future.

Marco Schwartz
CEO & Founder